AT&T Ethernet Service Guide Updates

Effective Description Package
05/15/2024 Legal Entity Change ES-24-0003
05/01/2024 Legal Entity Change ES-24-0002
03/25/2024 ADE 400G Update ES-24-0001
06/09/2023 ADE EPP Auto Renewal Removal ES-23-0006
05/26/2023 Terms & Conditions Update from the Interstate Access Guidebook. ES-23-0003
05/19/2023 ADE Jurisdictional Update ES-23-0005
05/06/2023 ADE Jurisdiction Update ES-23-0004
02/22/2023 Ethernet Service Guide Section Reference Correction ES-23-0002
01/20/2023 ACAT USOC Correction ES-23-0001
10/28/2022 AT&T Discretionary Cancellation of Orders ES-22-0007
10/18/2022 ASE EPP order limit language ES-22-0006
09/01/2022 Launch new Ethernet Service Guide ES-21-0002